In 1517 Governer Ozdemir Pasha tried a coffee in Yemen and really liked it. So governer brought the coffee with him. And Turks, makes the coffee with the way it was special for them. First coffee house opened in Tahtakale district and after that it became famous across the city and whole country. In this coffee house people read books, played chess and made intellectual speeches.

In later times coffee even made its way to palace. Turkish coffee were consumed in a huge amount and being served to highest authorities. Thanks to Ottoman ambassador Turkish Coffee first made its way to Europe and after that to whole World. Specially a story were told in Europe about Turkish Coffee reaching wide cross the country.

In the times of 2nd Vienna Siege, when Ottoman unites reterats they leave bags of Turkish Coffee behind. Even if Australians thought that it was animal food, a man who know Ottoman Georg Kolschitzky knew that the bags were fulled with Turkish Coffee. He demands those  bags being delivered to him and opens a coffee shop in Australia. Thanks to him Australians begins to meet with coffee. Also being served to hight authority, Turkish Coffee made a special place for itself in France in manner.

Interesting facts:

Coffee was the first sustenance kept frozen.

Reagions that grows coffee called “Coffee Belt”

The first person to add milk to coffee was a french doctor in 1600’s.

A coffee tree can live to 200 years.

Instant coffee first found in Belgian George Wahington living in Guatemala.

Turkish coffee, thanks to its intense and soft foam, tastes longer time on your palate than any coffee.

Coffee is the second most consumed drink in the world with the amount of 400 Billion glass after water.

Turkish Coffee is the most common one between the 3 coffee type that contains coffee ground.

Turkish coffee enhance pain killers effect up to %40.

Only Turkish Coffee has 40 years of sake.

Turkish Coffee is in Unesco’s Culture List.

Fortune telling is peculiar to Turkish Coffee.